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I accepted from the beginning of my art career that I would not be completely honest in my creations.  I challenged myself to someday have the courage to express the deepest depth of my being.  I did not feel a need to expose myself.  I knew to achieve an authentic, deep expression and hopefully, meaningful art, I would have to shine a light into the dark spaces.  I would have to embrace an uncomfortable level of transparency. 

After twenty-years of creating art, I’ve written a book that explores a moment in my past rarely shared.  My hope is I created something that provides value to others as they experience their own darkness.  The book was inspired by my wife as she struggled with depression.  I used her words as she described an unimaginable psychic pain.  I offer this book with the belief that looking at those things that make us turn away, or others ignore, provides insight.  From this perspective, there is strength, even if you peer through the lens of another’s struggle. 

Depression has a place in my life, my family and among my friends.  Unfortunately, this darkness is something we can only experience alone.  If we were able to share our deepest struggles, we would know the happiness and love which illuminates these dark places.  The rays of hope would penetrate the veil of darkness which cast shadows on our lives.
I created a happiness workbook to help us see the light when life sucks.

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