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This book addresses the practices and challenges of innovation in business. It is for those in large organizations that seek a way to re-imagine how they do business as well as smaller companies looking for competitive advantages. The book proposes a new design perspective which challenges ideas about the “right” way to succeed in business. The ultimate goal is to show organizational leaders the value of creativity, and inspire the right-brain thinkers to expect a position at the boardroom table when innovation is a must.

Innovation is not magical, mystical or available only to the creative virtuoso.  A Design Perspective is easily obtained and an absolute MUST to be nurtured, supported, and encouraged by leadership in all organizations.  The authors provide an innovation model to work from and guidelines to follow; but ultimately the answers reside in the people and infrastructure designed to promote creativity.  Promoting the value of right-thinking at the right time, by the right people is the message and we explain why.

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